Finally, is THIS Artificial Intelligence?

So some Russian programmers wrote a program that mimicks a person. You can ask it questions and get responses (this is actually how most "AI" programs are tested.)

Supercomputers can be used for artificial intelligence programs - Example of an old supercomputer (CRAY-1)

So this particular program "fooled" 1/3 of the judges. Meaning, 33% of the judges "thought" the responses from this program were actually responses from a real person.

Which Hearing Aid Manufacturer Do You Want?

A Primer on the Top Hearing Aid Companies

Different Hearing Aid Manufacturers - Eample of an Old Hearing Aid

Boy, hearing aids sure have come a long way!

What are the Different Types of Hearing Aids?

You Need to Know the Different Types of Hearing Aids before Buying One

What Type of Hearing Aid to Get - Beach Scene Means You Can Relax Choosing

Spend less time worrying about what type of hearing aid to buy, and more time enjoying life!

Hearing Aid Repair

DIY Hearing Aid Repair for Common Issues

Hearing Aid Repair

Can You Hear Me Now? No?! Then Read On.

Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality for PS4

Sony Morpheus Headset Virtual Reality

Should be pretty cool, am I right?

I've heard good things about these virtual reality goggles/headsets, too bad I don't have a PS4.


Edit: Fixed title spelling error

So was this the first time Obama went to the D Day celebration?

Someone told me recently he never has gone to France and Normandy for the honoring of our soliders, but every other president has.. then I see him on TV today giving one of his trademark heartfelt speaches.. is it true or not?

Edge of Tomorrow Movie

I've seen the previews of this movie, but don't plan on seeing it at least for a while (hate movie theaters). I'm not sure what it's about but it seems like it's possibly about artificial intelligence, or maybe about predicting the future.

Using Patient's Own T-Cells to Destroy Cancer

Foget chemo and radiation. They are old technologies with long term, terrible side effects.

Which is why novel immunotherapy techniques are so promising. They target cancer cells far better than chemotherapy--which can weaken or kill healthy cells, too.

And if you needed more proof that immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment, check out this story.

Fasting for Health and Long Life

Can Fasting Really Make You Live a Longer and Healthier Life?

Can Fasting Really Make You Healthier and Live Longer? (Dust Bowl example)

Human rights for a chimera?

As scientists conduct more transgenic experiments such as those combining human DNA with animal, it's likely a chimera or human hybrid will be created with the possibility that such a pairing would have increased awareness or sentience (think Planet of the Apes) even with or without the ability to vocalize in a human way.



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