How long should a transplant patient wait before resuming exercise?

Exercise and physical fitness is one of the best ways to keep the body healthy.  But, as with any major surgery, it's good to take precautions after a transplant at least until you get clearance by your doctor to start a fitness routine.  And, that would include healing time for wound areas.  It's important to start out slow again, stretching and limbering up the body to avoid muscle strain or fatigue which is common after a transplant.  Stay hydrated and eat small protein snacks such as peanuts before your work out.  Work out with a partner or use music to keep yourself motivated.


How do you choose a hospital for your transplant procedure?

Just Google the word, 'transplant' and you'll come up with at least 2 full pages of prestigious hospitals including Duke University which performed it's first kidney transplant in 1965.  

So how do you know which institution is best for your transplant?  Do you go with the recommendation of a doctor or do you conduct research on your own?  And, if so, what is a list of the questions you would want answered before you chose that hospital as the site of your transplant? 


Should Humans and Robots be Able to Marry?

Can Robots Be Racist?

Can Robots or Artificial Intelligence be Racist, and if so, What Does that Mean for Us?

Can Robots be Racist? Human and Robot Shaking Hands

Pretty simple title, but to me a very complicated question and answer. Stop and think about it, can robots be racist? Can an artificial intelligence program be racist?

Triplets born five years apart


In 2008, Nichole Brightly underwent IVF treatment.  Two of the fertilized eggs produced were implanted, resulting in  twin boys Daniel and James.

The remaining embryo was frozen and later implanted in her womb and in 2013, the remaining triplet Elizabeth was born.


What about romance?

Often, the love bot is the subject of bawdy jokes but with advances in technology, the concept of a bot that can satisfy a human's basic biological needs may not be so funny or far fetched.  And, with common place acceptance, the love bot could become seen as an acceptable way to eliminate prostitution as well as having other benefits such as not exposing the human to sexually transmitted diseases.  

For some people who fail to be able to establish a healthy or meaningful relationship, the love bot could serve as a way to enjoy a basic human function that others take for granted.


When does a robot become human?

Everyday science is stepping closer to the day when the line between human and robot will have blurred so much we can't tell who came first 'robot or human'.  Even now, there are robots with human looking prosthetics and humans with robotic prosthetics.  How soon will it be before robots are the ones receiving transplants from humans to become more humanized, even as we take a step toward mechanizing our own bodies, replacing limbs with prosthetics to increase functionality?


Would You Accept Organs from a Criminal?

I'm not an organ recipient and hope I never need an organ transplant. It seems weird to me that they could cut out part of someone's body, and put it into yours. Would it feel weird? Would you feel like that person was a part of you for the rest of your life?



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