Hitachi Creates First Comedian Robot

Hitachi Robot Tells Jokes

Hitachi have unveiled their humanoid robot EMIEW2, which they say is capable of telling jokes and understanding when they've had a poor reception. Here it is holding a conversation with an employee during a demonstration at the company's central laboratory in Tokyo on 20 May

Restaurant Robots Eliminate Jobs

Some of this stuff has already been reported on bionicme, like the whole thing about Mcdonalds replacing cashiers with keosks. (If only they would replace their hamburgers with real beef! :)

But, I found it interesting that robots are really starting to enter the general population's conciousness.

Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner

Could this be a major competitor for the Roomba vacuum?

And what's up with companies calling VACUUM CLEANERS... Robots?

It's not a robot, it's a tiny, expensive vacuum cleaner that rolls around until it hits something! The good ones can learn the layout of your home so they don't hit into walls or furniture as much.... but, a robot? Not in my opinion!

Neato Robotics Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Authorities approve prosthesis controlled by muscle signals

Bionic Arm Prosthesis controlled by electrical brain signals

A prosthetic arm that performs multiple, simultaneous powered movements controlled by electrical signals from electromyogram (EMG) electrodes has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Should all drugs be legal?

After reading some of the experience here on noopept, which is a legal drug to make you smarter, I was wondering if it will ever become illegal. That being said, should it be illegal? Should other self improvement nootropic drugs be legal or illegal? What about other drugs?


Venture Capital Firm Hires Artificial Intelligence To Its Board Of Directors

A venture capital firm in Hong Kong has hired an artificially intelligent algorithm to its board of directors.

Deep Knowledge Ventures said that the AI would help make financial and business decisions, help lead its research into biotechnology and regenerative medicine, and would act as an "equal member of the board".

The machine is apparently able to predict which science companies will be good investments

Could Self-Learning Robots Replace The Human Element Of Call Centers? IPsoft Thinks So

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Amelia. Developed by New York-based artificial intelligence firm IPSoft, Amelia is a virtual engineer designed to mimic the way a human engineer works. It can answer technical questions, it can work out problems through trial and error and - most importantly - it's capable of learning...

Bio Hacking

This site is all about improving your body...have you heard about bio-hacking? It's basically doing things to improve your body. Seems like a trend that is growing. But I bet there will be a lot of pitfalls and people trying weird things to get better, smarter, faster.


Why are people so keen on things ending in "hacking" ?

The End of the Tunnel: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Noopept Experiment Test Results

I was going to start off by writing a long summary of my month-long experiment with noopept in my quest to make myself smarter.

But then I realized I've been way too verbose over the past month already. So, I took the results chart and posted it at the top. No explanation, no summary to read through first. Just the results.

3D Nanotech Solar Cells

My friend was telling me the other day he knows they are working an 3D solar cells. Basically, instead of a flat panel, this is a 3D panel, like a mini cube.It can collect light from above and from the sides. It is flexible, and can be molded into different shapes.

Also, apparently, it is more efficient because if some of the light is reflected off of a neighboring cell, it may be partially collected by another cell instead of being lost. 

Has anyone heard of this? Is it true?


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