KOR-FX Virtual Reality Vest for Environmental Realism

Have any of you heard of this yet? It's a vest you can wear that not only has audio, but tactile feedback. It's supposed to be officially out at E3 this year. Here is a pic:

The Coming Virtual Reality World

We are all going to be immersed into a virtual reality world, whether we want to or not. I was replying to another thread: http://www.bionicme.com/forums/will-5g-networks-bring-wearble-devices about "5G networks". I said that yes, 5G networks are coming in a decade or two. There isn't any rush because 4G is flexible and has a lot of room for growth still.

Most Accurate Android/Robot in TV or Movie?

What is the most accurate representation (not just the most lifelike) of a true Artificial Intelligence android or robot on the big or small screen? Not the one that looked most human, but the one that acted the most human. The one that, when they finally create true AI, we will all say "aha! that's just like ______ from the movie ______"?



Stimulating Stem Cells to Grow New Muscle -- It Works!

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists implanted thin sheets of scaffolding-like material from pigs into a few young men with disabling leg injuries — and say the experimental treatment coaxed the men's own stem cells to regrow new muscle.

Using Robots or UAV for Advertising

Do you think that we will see flying robots, or unmanned aerial vehicles, used for advertising?

This weekend I saw a couple blimps flying overhead for a sporting event. Sort of odd, because we never get blimps around here.

It got me thinking, because I can't remember the last time I have seen an airplane towing a banner. Maybe last year when there was a NASCAR race. It seems like 10+ years ago, you would see towplanes advertising more often. Maybe the price of gas is prohibitive.

How to Live Longer

What are some ways people can live longer? Supplements, drugs, medications, etc. I'm looking for something besides "eating healthy, exercise and reduce stress." Everybody knows that stuff.

It is the year 2014 right now; I find it hard to believe there isn't some hard evidence of how to extend human lifespan besides the "be healthy" mantra.

I want to live to be 120 years old, or more. I know it's possible. I already eat health and exercise. I can't control my DNA, but I believe there are  PLENTY of others ways, just waiting to be discovered.


Rush to Derangement: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept


Photo Credit

Lying in bed, my mind racing.

The alarm clock glowed 2:13. A.M.

I was in overdrive, but I should have been passed out from exhaustion.

Chicken vs. Egg: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Does noopept make your brain smarter?

Now that I have my dose of noopept down, literally, I feel as if I can refocus my efforts onto the backbone of the experiment: consistent dosing, testing IQ, memory and typing, and trying to limit the subjective reviews of the experience.

Easy, Tiger: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Calm Down Noopept Experiment

So in all fairness and openness, a Guest user posted a reply to my previous article: What's the Rush?: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept. In the reply, I was told my dosage was too high.


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