The End of the Tunnel: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Noopept Experiment Test Results

I was going to start off by writing a long summary of my month-long experiment with noopept in my quest to make myself smarter.

But then I realized I've been way too verbose over the past month already. So, I took the results chart and posted it at the top. No explanation, no summary to read through first. Just the results.

The Light: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

The light noopept

It has been nearly a month since I have started taking noopept, a designer "nootropic" drug. Nootropics are thought to stimulate nerve growth, increase attention or otherwise make you smarter. Noopept is one of the more powerful of these drugs, or so they say.

Rush to Derangement: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept


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Lying in bed, my mind racing.

The alarm clock glowed 2:13. A.M.

I was in overdrive, but I should have been passed out from exhaustion.

Chicken vs. Egg: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Does noopept make your brain smarter?

Now that I have my dose of noopept down, literally, I feel as if I can refocus my efforts onto the backbone of the experiment: consistent dosing, testing IQ, memory and typing, and trying to limit the subjective reviews of the experience.

Easy, Tiger: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Calm Down Noopept Experiment

So in all fairness and openness, a Guest user posted a reply to my previous article: What's the Rush?: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept. In the reply, I was told my dosage was too high.

What's the Rush?: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

noopept rush

As I sit here, feeling like an idiot, with a "pinch" of noopept powder under my tongue, I can't help but wonder if there is some evil mad scientist out there laughing at me: "Ha ha ha, we created some fake wikipedia article with some inconclusive studies as sources, and now we can sell suckers like him fake chemicals because they're desperate to be smarter."

4 Days In... Still Foggy: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept


So I have been taking noopept for 4 days now, and I can honestly say I do not feel any improvement.

I am not sure what I was expecting. A few sources online indicated they began to feel something after only a few days. They could not quantify it, but they felt 'smarter' or at least more alert. I am wondering if it was all a placebo effect.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Scale to measure noopept

And so it begins.

I weighed out 0.5 0.05 grams of noopept powder, as per my original plan. Further research indicated to me that some of the chemical may be broken down in the GI tract from enzymatic action. I decided to administer the noopept sublingually (under my tongue).

What if this Actually Works: Chemical Enlightenment with Noopept

Questions about noopept making you smarter

As I prepare to begin taking the chemical noopept tomorrow, I wonder what I will do if I see some mental improvement. Obviously, I can’t keep the results to myself. Well, I could, but that would just leave this blog unfinished and people would wonder what happened to me.


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