BionicMe - Moving Humanity Forward

Bionics is officially defined as: the study of how humans and animals perform certain tasks and solve certain problems, and of the application of the findings to the design of electronic devices and mechanical parts. Over the years, it has come to mean so much more.

Bionics is no longer a one way street, where nature is studied, copied, and implemented into artificial systems. Bionics can go the other way, too. It can be the use of technology for the improvement of life. Regardless of the 'technical definition' of Bioncs, we at define it as: Moving Humanity Forward.

Whether it is studying bats to create the ultrasound, creating artificial limbs for amputees, designing vision implants for the blind, or any of the infinite possibilities yet to discover, we at are fascinated by it, and we have created a community to share the world of Bionics.

The future of Bionics, and indeed, the human race, will depend on an amalgamation of the organic and the man-made.

The forums at are allowing humanity to move forward through the study and discussion of bionics, robotics, prosthetics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and virtual reality.

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