Would You Donate to Help Someone Be Cryogenically Frozen?

You've donated to the Red Cross, you have sponsored a hungry child in Africa, and you pay just a dollar a day to help save abandoned animals. But, have you ever sponsored a dying woman in her quest to be cryogenically frozen?

Cloning a Wooly Mammoth

We might be a lot closer to cloning an ancient animal than previously thought. Jurassic Park, here we come!

Can we clone wooly mammoths?

Ted Williams Frozen Body

So Ted Williams (Great American Baseball Player) died 10 years ago and had his body cyrogenically frozen in hopes of being revived at a later date.

But then the recently interviewed his daughter, who is in the process of selling all of his stuff! All of his personal belongings, even a baseball autographed by Babe Ruth (dedicated to Ted Williams).

Live forever as a robot?

If cryogenics is not available and the only substitute for living "forever" would be to have yourself turned into a robot (human looking) and have your memories imbedded into your hard drive, would you do it?

Understanding the Cryogenic Freezing Process

Understanding the Cryogenic Freezing Process

Cryogenics is one of those things that people hesitate to discuss, primarily due to a lack of understanding of just how this sometimes controversial science works. While not to imply that the cryogenic freezing process is simple by any means, it is a fairly straightforward process that can be easily understood once it has been explained in “layman’s terms.” It’s also important to understand the reasons behind some of the misgivings people have from time to time regarding this very futuristic science.

Is Cryogenic Stasis Possible?

Is cryogenic stasis possible? Can scientists freze humans and then bring them back to life without brain damage?

Why Cryogenic Freezing?

What are the purposes of Cryogenic Freezing? What is cryogenic freezing? Can humans be put into cryogenic stasis and be brought back to life?

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