10 Cheerleading Robots

So another Japanese company, yes, of course a Japanese company, created 10 robots that look like cheerleaders. They have wifi built in so they know where all the others are located. They are programmed to perform some cheerleading routines:


What do you think?

Should robots be used in militaries and war?

Should robots be able to go to war? Would it be fair if robots from one country fight humans from another country?

I am assuming that first world countries like the U.S. would be the first to have robotic soldiers. They could obviously be better than human soldiers: faster, stronger, more resistant to bullets, and on the offensive side, more accurate with their shots.

Would robots ever make it into the Geneva convention or other "rules of engagement"?

Would you watch sports if the players were robots?

Just curious if you would watch sports like football, basketball, etc... any sport, really, if the players were robots?

I am a firm believer that one day, AI programs will run much of the businesses and many daily things. I also believe that robots will also do many physical activities and work that humans have always done.

And when it comes to sports, I would imagine that robots would be faster, more flexible, could jump higher and hit harder than a human.

NSA Monster Mind program: AI with no need for humans.

Edward Snowden's most recent revelation is that the NSA was working on an "anti-cyberterrorism" program named Master Mind. It works by itself, waiting, and can detect a cyberattack. When it does, it blocks the attack, then fights back.

The big question is: HOW will it fight back? Will it send a cyberattack back at the instigator? Will it shut down foreign infrastructure? Will it fire a missle?

Google and DeepMind; what has come from it?

Back in January, Google bought AI firm "DeepMind" for $400 Million. Not a small purchase.

At the time, it was reported that DeepMind's people would be working with Google's search algorithm team.

But as most people know, Google has already developed their search algorithm, and continues to do so. It is the core of their business. Do they really need to buy an artificial intelligence company to make their search results better?

The Machines are NOT Coming (But AI is Already Here)

Quick! Red Pill, or Blue?

Time's up! The truth is, it doesn't matter.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has been with us, in some capacity, for a while now. Purists will argue (and I'll agree) that the generally accepted definition of this ability has still not been realized.

Some might even say that programs like Siri and other interactive software are cheap parlor tricks, amounting to little more than supercharged voice recognition.

Jibo, the $500 Robot for the Whole Family

Have you seen this yet? Seems cool, but more like a novelty. The robot can talk back to you and answer questions, play music and even dance (by spinning around).

To be honest, I don't think I would get one. I'd rather my family "interact" with each other. It's funny, now we call it interacting, but it used to be called "talking". Like sitting down at the dinner table and talking. Now we are supposed to spend hundreds of dollars to have a little gadget talk FOR us.

How far we've come...

Japanese Robot Master Releases Best Robot Yet

Lifelike Robot

Why one is the human, and which one is the robot?

Ok so we all know that Japan leads the way in robotic technology. This robot really looks human. And they say it sounds human, too.

Another robot recently released only costs $2,000. Are you kidding me?

How come we can't buy robots like this yet? Are they available to the general public?


Edge of Tomorrow Movie

I've seen the previews of this movie, but don't plan on seeing it at least for a while (hate movie theaters). I'm not sure what it's about but it seems like it's possibly about artificial intelligence, or maybe about predicting the future.

Socializing for robots

Do you think it will be possible that artificial life or robots with AI will have the desire to date or have friends or in some way socialize with others of their kind? Could we see entire colonies of AI banding together to create seperate communities? 


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