I need some help

Hey guys on the forums...

Lately i got interested in the science behind prosthetics and bionic limbs... If it is not much trouble can you please list me the names of the fields in which i have to mostly study to understand and work with prosthetics?(in physics and biology for example) and maybe post a few links of some sites that explain how do they exactly work, how do they attach the nerves, and what type of actuators are there.

Lucy (movie)

I just saw a preview for a new movie coming out called "Lucy". Basically they say that humans only use 10% of their brains. Then it looks like they start giving some sort of chemicals to trial subjects and see if it makes them smarter. Well, the preview shows super abilities like telekinesis, etc.

Should be interesting to watch. Anyone else going to see it?

Advanced Brain Implants to be Reality Soon

Advanced Brain Implants to Treat Mental Disorders

So we already know that brain implants have been around a while. It is possible to implant electrodes in the brain as a treatment for Parkinson's disease.

When does a robot become human?

Everyday science is stepping closer to the day when the line between human and robot will have blurred so much we can't tell who came first 'robot or human'.  Even now, there are robots with human looking prosthetics and humans with robotic prosthetics.  How soon will it be before robots are the ones receiving transplants from humans to become more humanized, even as we take a step toward mechanizing our own bodies, replacing limbs with prosthetics to increase functionality?


Future decisions

Hello everyone, 

I would like to start with a little about me, what happened and where I am today. 

I am a 20 y/o male from the United Kingdom. I used to amateurly bodybuild and I never feel finished with my self improvement, I always aim be a little bit better or stronger in my ability at something than the day before.

Man has 75% of skull replaced with 3-D printed implant

An unidentified man had 75% of his skull replaced with a 3-D printed implant made by Oxford Performance Materials, a Connecticut company. The surgery this week was the first time a patient received an implant made specifically for him using 3-D printing technology.

Rex, the world's first true bionic man

Could it be that Rex is the first robot to qualify as a bionic man? At a cost of $1 Million, this is defintely out of reach of pretty much everyone, but it is definitely a good proof of concept.


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