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Hey guys on the forums...

Lately i got interested in the science behind prosthetics and bionic limbs... If it is not much trouble can you please list me the names of the fields in which i have to mostly study to understand and work with prosthetics?(in physics and biology for example) and maybe post a few links of some sites that explain how do they exactly work, how do they attach the nerves, and what type of actuators are there.

Authorities approve prosthesis controlled by muscle signals

Bionic Arm Prosthesis controlled by electrical brain signals

A prosthetic arm that performs multiple, simultaneous powered movements controlled by electrical signals from electromyogram (EMG) electrodes has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Boston Bombing Victims Living with their Prosthetic Limbs

With the 1 year "anniversary" of the Boston Marathon Bombing, I thought it was appropriate to create a thread here for you all to remember those who died, and those who lost more than we can imagine.

There are some incredible stories of recovery for those who were injured yet survived.

Boy Gets Prosthetic Arm Made with 3D Printer

I read an article on CNN about an African boy who got an arm replacement (prostheses). Apparently it was made using a 3D printer. I'm not an expert on that but it sounds cool. There is a long process of him learning how to interface with the arm. it is electronic and he can actually control the joints/fingers.

Should they experiment with soldiers?

Should they experiment on soldiers, when it comes to new medicines and whatnot? There are lots of examples of testing on soldiers (as well as minorities). I don't mean to imply that soldiers should be guinea pigs, but they deserve to be on the leading edge of technology because of their service.

Future decisions

Hello everyone, 

I would like to start with a little about me, what happened and where I am today. 

I am a 20 y/o male from the United Kingdom. I used to amateurly bodybuild and I never feel finished with my self improvement, I always aim be a little bit better or stronger in my ability at something than the day before.


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