Lucy (movie)

I just saw a preview for a new movie coming out called "Lucy". Basically they say that humans only use 10% of their brains. Then it looks like they start giving some sort of chemicals to trial subjects and see if it makes them smarter. Well, the preview shows super abilities like telekinesis, etc.

Should be interesting to watch. Anyone else going to see it?

Human rights for a chimera?

As scientists conduct more transgenic experiments such as those combining human DNA with animal, it's likely a chimera or human hybrid will be created with the possibility that such a pairing would have increased awareness or sentience (think Planet of the Apes) even with or without the ability to vocalize in a human way.


Transgenic drugs

Scientists have used transgenics (that is removing genetic material from one species and adding it to another) to create vaccines.  In one very good example, they introduced a human protein into a banana, potato and other plants to create an edible version of the vaccine that treats cholera. 

A similar event happened when they introduced human DNA into tobacco plants to create a flu vaccine.

This cross breeding of human to plant DNA has benefited human kind. 

Although we regularly eat plant based foods, is there risk for medicines created in this way?  

Triplets born five years apart


In 2008, Nichole Brightly underwent IVF treatment.  Two of the fertilized eggs produced were implanted, resulting in  twin boys Daniel and James.

The remaining embryo was frozen and later implanted in her womb and in 2013, the remaining triplet Elizabeth was born.


Bio Hacking

This site is all about improving your body...have you heard about bio-hacking? It's basically doing things to improve your body. Seems like a trend that is growing. But I bet there will be a lot of pitfalls and people trying weird things to get better, smarter, faster.


Why are people so keen on things ending in "hacking" ?

First Organism Made with Artificial DNA

Hot off the press! This is HUGE, people!


Researchers for the first time created microbes containing artificial DNA, expanding the universal genetic code that guides life. The advance one day could lead to new antibiotics, vaccines and other medical products not possible with today's bioscience.

Is it possible to cure from last stage of cancer.?

I want to know it possible to cure from last stage of friend suffering from it.

Organ Transplant vs. Organ Regeneration

In general what is the possibility of organ regeneration overtaking organ transplants? There is a shortage of organs and a very long waiting list. The waiting list is supposed to be impartial and first come first serve, but I've heard of situations where rich and famous peopme get priority. Of course they would never admit to it, and the selection committees continue to say it is based on order and need. But we all know what really goes on.


Finally, a Cure for Cancer!

No this isn't a trick or gimmick, scientists have actually found a cure for all types of cancer! By blocking a protein that prevents cancer cells from being destroyed, this cancer cure allows the body to destroy cancer and tumor cells.

Protein CD47 prevents the body's immune system from destroying a cell. Cancer cells produce extra amounts of this protein, signalling the body to leave the cancer cells alone. Not exactly the best way to kill cancer.

Chinese to engineer Smarter Babies

China has a plan that will allow parents to choose if their babies are smarter than others. They collected thousands of DNA samples of the smartest people around, and are currently sequencing the DNA collected.


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