Using Patient's Own T-Cells to Destroy Cancer

Foget chemo and radiation. They are old technologies with long term, terrible side effects.

Which is why novel immunotherapy techniques are so promising. They target cancer cells far better than chemotherapy--which can weaken or kill healthy cells, too.

And if you needed more proof that immunotherapy is the future of cancer treatment, check out this story.

A possible cure for head and neck cancer?

Valproic acid, a relatively inexpensive and simple compound, has been shown to reduce certain types of head and neck cancers. It is being studied for soldiers with PTSD who have headaches and seizures.

It also shows promise against cancer caused by HPV, which can cause neck, mouth and throat cancer.

It seems like they don't know how it works, or why it seems to affect the head and neck and not other parts of the body.

Finally, a Cure for Cancer!

No this isn't a trick or gimmick, scientists have actually found a cure for all types of cancer! By blocking a protein that prevents cancer cells from being destroyed, this cancer cure allows the body to destroy cancer and tumor cells.

Protein CD47 prevents the body's immune system from destroying a cell. Cancer cells produce extra amounts of this protein, signalling the body to leave the cancer cells alone. Not exactly the best way to kill cancer.

Chemotherapy Reality

The Truth About Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy PoisonChemotherapy is a common treatment for cancer through the use an antineoplastic drug. It can also involve the use of a combination of antineoplastic drugs in a standardized treatment regimen. Most of the agents of this cancer treatment act by destroying the rapidly dividing cancer cells in the body. The downside is that this treatment can also harm other bodily cells that divide speedily under normal circumstances.

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