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Lucy (movie)

I just saw a preview for a new movie coming out called "Lucy". Basically they say that humans only use 10% of their brains. Then it looks like they start giving some sort of chemicals to trial subjects and see if it makes them smarter. Well, the preview shows super abilities like telekinesis, etc.

Should be interesting to watch. Anyone else going to see it?

Fasting for Health and Long Life

Can Fasting Really Make You Live a Longer and Healthier Life?

Can Fasting Really Make You Healthier and Live Longer? (Dust Bowl example)

Human rights for a chimera?

As scientists conduct more transgenic experiments such as those combining human DNA with animal, it's likely a chimera or human hybrid will be created with the possibility that such a pairing would have increased awareness or sentience (think Planet of the Apes) even with or without the ability to vocalize in a human way.


Transgenic drugs

Scientists have used transgenics (that is removing genetic material from one species and adding it to another) to create vaccines.  In one very good example, they introduced a human protein into a banana, potato and other plants to create an edible version of the vaccine that treats cholera. 

A similar event happened when they introduced human DNA into tobacco plants to create a flu vaccine.

This cross breeding of human to plant DNA has benefited human kind. 

Although we regularly eat plant based foods, is there risk for medicines created in this way?  

Drugs engineered to your own genetics

Is it possible now or do you think it will ever be possible for a doctor to take a sample of your DNA and design a drug that is specifically targeted to your condition?  For instance, in some way the drug would interact with your specific DNA so that it would be your own specially designed drug, only available to you.  This might be the equivalent of receiving a dose of your own stem cells, but in situations where none were available. 

Advanced Brain Implants to be Reality Soon

Advanced Brain Implants to Treat Mental Disorders

So we already know that brain implants have been around a while. It is possible to implant electrodes in the brain as a treatment for Parkinson's disease.

Bio Hacking

This site is all about improving your body...have you heard about bio-hacking? It's basically doing things to improve your body. Seems like a trend that is growing. But I bet there will be a lot of pitfalls and people trying weird things to get better, smarter, faster.


Why are people so keen on things ending in "hacking" ?

My Journey to Synthetic Intelligence

Synthetic Intelligence: Making myself smarter
In the pages below, you will find the experience one person has taken in a quest to improve himself and his mind through unconventional means.

Not content with meditation, reading or practicing math problems, I decided to embark on a journey through the world of nootropics--chemicals that have the potential to make you smarter.

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